Technology Revolution Embossing & Debossing Hot Stamping Cold Foil Printing Spot Coating UV Drip-off Varnish Logical Light Emboss Soft Touch Lamination 3D Embossing Laser Engraving
Half-cutting with taping ➜ V-cutting with taping ➜ V-cutting without taping

Through the embossing or debossing plates to pressure on the paper performing the stereoscopic effect to emphasize the importance. Using different angles & depth can create different effects.

Printing first then hot stamping. Decorative effect for small area to increase product value. For example: logo.

Foiling first then printing. By various cold foil colors to bring out metal texture, large area effect is possible. This technology could save more time, more energy and eco-friendly, but cost more.

Spot coating usually come with matt coating, it could increase the local stereoscopic effect as emphasis.

The principle of this technology is using the repellent effect between oil and water, due to the different surface tension forming condensed pellets then performing abrasive hand touch. With high abrasion, scratch and scuff resistance.

Also known as refraction light line embossing, it is made up of a number of fine stripes, which show dynamic changes in light and shade depending on the line of sight or the angle of light. 

With velvet touch, softening the visual color, without reflection, creating a luxurious and high quality surface texture.

Highlight the effect of gradation and upgrade the sense of three dimensions.

Expressing more detailed and complex patterns by laser engraving making your packaging design is more unique.