Product Details

Topmore Infinity Book Style Magnet Closure Earphone Box w/ EVA Insert

  • Box Style:Book Style Magnet Closure
  • Outside Dimension / W*D*H (mm):160*130*54
  • Inside Dimension / W*D*H (mm) : 157*120*48

MOQ:1000 pcs
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Features & Specification

Key Features : 

  • Adding a see through layer between the outer case and base case making this typical book style box a luxry vision but also a protection for product
  • Optional product EVA placement available in PET or cardboard

Category Specification
Material Chipboard + Coated Art Paper 
Basis Weight 2.0mm + 120gsm 
Press 4-Color
Post-Press Matt Coating, Spot Coating
Lining EVA